I Heard You the First Time

by Whimper

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Recording
in Denton, TX on November 10th and 11th, 2015

Whimper is:
Dan Minshew - guitar / vocals
Donovan Ford - bass
Miles DeBruin - drums
Parker Lawson - vocals / guitar

Clarinet on track 4 played by Jade Wells


released December 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Whimper Denton, Texas

a band in denton texas

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Track Name: The Big Fuzz is Only $2.99
Slice me open periodically to ease the tension building up out of nothing. It's random, but it's not stopping. If I keep it off my mind, maybe I'd be fine, but I can't keep it off my mind. My distractions just aren't working this time. The buzz is wearing off. Is my head back to normal or did it shatter in the fall? If I keep it off my mind, maybe I'll be fine, but my distractions just aren't working this time. And what hurts the worst is that I know you'll be the first, not to mention, the only one who thinks that it's your fault. And I can't even begin to explain how you're the only thing that's kept me sane. That's kept me from unraveling. You kept me from unraveling better than all the drugs I was taking.
Track Name: Jordan, That Was Savage
Okay, okay, is this over yet? There's no way it swept past me, I'm not that lucky. Things only seem to be getting worse, but it's all pointless anyway, so just pile it on. Something's gotta break eventually. I hid my eyes so long ago to hide from anything I couldn't stomach. Something's gotta break eventually. I think I will break eventually.
Track Name: Crime... Boy, I Don't Know
Feed the kids through the system just as you sent their parents before them. Take their lives, break them down, send them back out in a form that better serves you. Come on, this is nothing new to you. Imagine for a moment that you didn't kill them. Imagine for a moment that you left them alone. I think that would be so nice.
Track Name: Exaggerated Suffering
The infinite dull roar of mindless chatter you're producing is deafening. If your mouth could run marathons you'd be world class, but that's ridiculous. I know you think you've got it bad. You think you've got it bad, that's the twelfth time you've mentioned that. And I don't feel bad for you, I feel bad for those you force to listen to your exaggerated suffering. I know you think you've got it bad, well you don't got it bad. This is the first time I've mentioned that. If you stopped for a second maybe your ears would be free of your own nonsense long enough to hear how your problems are irrelevant compared to those who weren't born into a protective shell. I don't feel bad for you, I'm just glad that finally you shut up.
Track Name: My Summer at Enron
Every so often, I think how crazy it would be if the world had stopped spinning last may, and everything since then has been a dream that my brain is creating just for me. Finally giving in to the hell we've put it through the Earth caved in and now we're all dead. And I know that it's insane, but sometimes it's all I've got to explain how perfect you are to me.